Host an Exchange Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to common questions below about hosting an exchange student. For any questions not answered in our FAQ below, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Who can host an exchange student?
Hosts range from single parents, single adults and "empty nesters" to families with children and even grandparents. Many host parents are working adults with busy schedules who still spend quality time with their family and exchange student and provide adequate supervision.
What are host families responsible for?
Host Families must be able to provide their exchange student with a safe and caring family environment, a bed, meals, a quiet place to study, and assistance with transportation. Host Families are not responsible for the exchange student's spending money and personal expenses such as costs for activities, travel, and school.
When and for how long can I host an exchange student?
You can host an exchange student for an academic year or semester. If you cannot host for a full term or feel unsure about it, you can also host an exchange student as a welcome family for one to two months at the beginning of their program.
What do host families have to pay for?
Host families are responsible for paying for groceries for the exchange student, all utility costs, as well gas needed to assist the student with transportation. Host families are not responsible for the exchange student's spending money and personal expenses such as costs for activities, travel, and school.
Will the exchange student have health insurance?
All exchange students are covered by health insurance for the duration of their exchange program. They and their natural family are responsible for all medical costs that are not covered by their insurance.
How are NWSE exchange students selected?
NWSE Exchange students are screened for the program on the basis of an extensive application that includes, at a minimum, a personal interview, references, essays, academic and medical records, as well as detailed biographical information.
Do the exchange students speak English?
NWSE assesses the English skills of all exchange students to ensure they are able to communicate with their host family and succeed at their American high school. English skills upon arrival vary. While some students speak good English from the outset, others may take some time before they can express themselves with ease and understand others without problems.
Can I host more than one exchange student?
It is possible to host up to two exchange students at the same time, provided the students are from different countries and do not share a native language. The students and their natural parents must consent to such a double placement in advance.
What if problems arise?
Your local NWSE Academic Coordinator as well as our NWSE program staff are there to assist in resolving any problems that may arise during the exchange program. We will also provide you with a 24-hour NWSE phone number for urgent cases.